Sam Hitchman Ceramics

Finally Updated

Well, its sad to say that this website has been active for over a year now, and I JUST finally got all the details filled out! As they say though, better late than never, right? Now you can see where I’ll be this year at all my shows, and some of the new galleries that have begun to carry my work. I’ve also added some images from a not so new, but wonderful, photo shoot we did in October at a friends farm, just a few minutes from the studio. Reed Govert, a long time friend, and wonderful painter, was in town and was the man behind the camera during this early (like 5 a.m.) session. This was an exciting morning as it was one of the first times I’ve ever shot my work in a natural outdoor setting, which is the impetus behind my creative drive. Dylan Walmsley, a wonderful carpenter, and owner of Bird Hollow Construction, kindly lent me his gorgeous handmade table on which I shot my work.

So much more has happened since this site went up(the big news at the time was that I had just gotten married!!!), and even since the beginning of the year so much growth has occurred. It would likely be a very long, and boring read to give you a rundown of the last couple of years, so for conversations sake, lets look to the future!

   We have been, and are in the search for a new property on which we can call home, and I can finally consolidate and build my dream studio. Needless to say, its a very exciting, but tiring, and stressful process, as any who have bought a home can relate to.


     Next week we are re-building the workhorse of any ceramics studio; our kiln. Below are some images from when we rebuilt it last year(almost 600 firings at the time). Last time we used mainly old brick, and some new brick to rebuild. After 80 more firings since then, those already used brick have had enough and are ready to be replaced again. The kiln will be getting new wheels, new track, new burners, and new brick top to bottom.

Show season began for us in early April, and we started it off with a great show down in Atlanta. Since then I’ve done another 6 shows, but still have 13 or more left to go! Check out where I’ll be the rest of the year for my shows and come and see me!

Early this year I made some BIG pots, which was a challenging, but fun return to a style of work I used to do more of. Unfortunately, the larger one of these two I decided to try an untested technique on, and paid for it. The other, bottleneck form, came out beautifully, but as I was wiring the new building’s (oh, yeah, that happened this spring too!) lights, I knocked it over, and turned it into ditch filler. A very frustrating series of events, but challenge is what keeps me intrigued. I’m hoping to find some time here in the near future to make some more. These vessels take a day or two to make, and a couple of weeks to dry and fire, so it takes me setting aside some time to make big work.

Well, there’s plenty more which has happened, and is in the pipelines for the near future, but I’m going to save that for a later post. Hopefully I’ll be diligent with posting regularly, as its hard to get me out of the studio, and onto the computer, but I’ll try very hard! Until then, thank you for your time, interest, and support in handcrafted art!

Mosa, my daily companion, asleep at the wheel.